Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Care Instructions 

To keep your piece looking shiny and new please remove your jewelry before showering or swimming and avoid contact with perfumes and other chemicals.
Store in a dry, cool dark place.
If your piece requires cleaning, a dry polishing cloth will work to clean the metal. All of my pieces include a small polishing pad.

2. Is your jewelry coated with anything?

Throughout the years I have always had a hard time deciding whether to coat my copper pieces or leave them bare. 
I have decided that some of my copper pieces benefit from a coating of jewelry lacquer or wax if they have hard to reach areas to get to with a polishing cloth. I only coat the metal and not the stones in my pieces. 
Each copper piece that has a coating is specified in the actual listing.
I do not coat any of my Sterling Silver pieces. 

3. Will my piece come with a Chain or cord?

All of my pendants under $100 CAD will come on a black waxed cotton cord.

Alternatively if you are interested in purchasing a chain, you can find them in the Chains section of my store. If a chain is purchased I will still include the cord.

Any piece over $100 includes a matching chain. Unless otherwise stated in the listing. Ie: all statement pieces include a chain and some have them built into the piece. 

All of my individual listings detail in writing what will be included, so please read each listing carefully as you will receive exactly what you order.

4. Why do some of your pieces cost so much money?

My pieces are all handcrafted and are priced accordingly. I have evolved in my art form and am now offering a range of pieces that vary greatly in price, from moderate to quite expensive. My pieces are all priced using the same formula, material cost plus labour/time. Some of the more elaborate items can take upwards of 20+ hours to complete, and my prices reflect that.
I am very passionate about what I do, and a great deal of time and care goes into each and every one of my pieces. Negative comments or harassment about prices will not be tolerated. 

5. I put this pendant in my cart 2 months ago, and the price has changed?

Due to material cost, market prices, availability, etc. my prices can occasionally change at any time, with no notice. They do, however, still reflect the quality and availability of the materials used and are not artificially inflated.

6. How do you price your pieces?

My pieces are all priced using the same formula, material cost plus labour/time.

Both stone prices and cost of metal vary greatly, and can dramatically affect prices.
The design and subsequent skill set required for certain pieces also affect the price, as those designs can take much longer and require more skill to complete.

I do not charge extra if I am taking longer than normal or I run into issues with a piece.

7.  My package says it has arrived but I haven’t received it, what do I do?

On rare occasions, packages are mis-delivered by the post. If your package does not arrive but the tracking says it has, one of the first things you should do is ask your neighbour, on the off chance that the post delivered it to the wrong address.

If this is not the case please contact your delivering postal service and open an investigation ticket. Then contact me and I will do the same on my end. Once the investigation is complete you will either end up with your package or you will be fully refunded. This process can take up to 30 days to complete.

In most cases the package is found and delivered to the correct address. In my 12 years of creating, I have only ever had one lost package.

8. Why did my order get cancelled with ‘incorrect address’ as the reason?

If the buyer provides me with an incorrect address (I.e. missing house number, PO Box, apartment number, etc.) and I cannot reach the buyer to correct this issue within 48 hours, The purchase will be refunded and cancelled.
Once the information is corrected the buyer can re-order.

9. Do you do custom orders or commissions?

Unfortunately, I have had to stop taking custom orders as they are not conductive to my creativity and mental health.
I will not be doing them in the

10. Do you sell wholesale?

I am an artist. Everything in my store is created by me, one at a time, and is completely unique. I do not overcharge for my art, and as a result I am unable to offer wholesale prices, the price listed for my pieces is exactly what they are
This is not negotiable.

11. Do you cut ALL your own stones?

 In the beginning I cut and polished everything that I created. However in the last few years the supply and demand for certain stones has become too great for me to keep up with on my own. As well as too expensive to import rough material. I have found and sourced a few small batch lapidary artists to supply me with my labradorite and moonstone Cabochons. From time to time I will also purchase other stones cut by these talented artists. All of my outsourced stones have been ethically mined and cut. And all Artists involved are paid a living wage for their work. 

12. Do you offer free local pickup?

Yes. Local shipping costs are insane!!!

I offer local pickup. If you are in the K-W area of Southern Ontario you are more than welcome to arrange free pickup. Please email prior to your purchase letting me know that you intend to pickup your purchase and I will send you a discount code to change the shipping cost to free. We will then arrange a pickup date and time that is convenient for both of us.

13. Do you cleanse your pieces prior to shipping them out. 

All of my pieces are washed physically and cleansed energetically with sage after they are made as they are no longer mine so they are released.