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Rainbow Moonstone Tree of Life, Pentacle Collar

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Rainbow Moonstone strongly resonates with the crown Chakra. It is the ultimate Goddess stone for its ties with lunar energies. This is a feminine stone and is often used as a fertility stone. It is used in many applications such as meditation, calming, happiness, spiritual fulfillment, and emotional balance.

*Please note that Rainbow Moonstone is also known as white labradorite from the feldspar family and is naturally white in colour.
(Not to be mistaken with Moonstone from the orthoclase family.) 
When light is shone on the stone in a particular direction you will see a flash of colour across the surface of the stone. This is called Schiller effect in which microscopic inclusions within will refract and reflect light.

This piece was crafted with care and made by hand. This piece can double as a wearable pendant or a magical tool or talisman to use at your alter during ritual.

This is a hand crafted statement amulet made with Rainbow Moonstone Cabochons adorned with the Tree Of Life, topped with a pentacle and accented with smaller flashy rainbow moonstones and labradorites nestled throughout. 
This piece is made with hand cut stones and hand woven with copper and faceted moonstone bead embellishments.

I have woven this Amulet in bare copper wire. 
This piece was antiqued and was hand polished to achieve its rich finish. It is the habit of copper to tarnish over time, but it is easily removed with a dry polishing cloth. A small Pro polishing pad will be included with this piece.

To keep your piece looking shiny and new please remove your jewelry before showering or swimming and avoid contact with perfumes, oils, lotions and any other chemicals.
Store in a dry, cool dark place.

This statement amulet measures 5.7" from top to bottom, 2” at its widest width and 4.1” across the collar. This piece is large and does carry some weight with it. Please bear this in mind when ordering. 

This piece comes on an attached adjustable antiqued pure copper chain with a handmade shepherds hook and eye closure. The entire chain length including the width of the  piece measures approximately 15”-17.75” due to the added adjustable extender, and is designed to sit on your collar bone. 

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