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My name is Shelley Sullivan and I am a lapidary artist, wire wrapper and Metalsmith offering hand cut and polished semi-precious stone jewelry. Specializing in Sterling Silver and Copper wire wrapped, forged and smithed one of a kind pieces. I have been cutting stones since 2009 and working with various metals and creating this type of jewelry since 2010. Thank you for stopping by! Bless, Shelley

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  • "It absolutely blew me away"

    This woman is an amazing
    artist with these pieces. This pendant was even more beautiful in person
    and I’m having a hard time not snagging another one right now.

    - Dia on Aug 25, 2022

    (Labradorite Tree of Life Pentacle Pendant)

  • "As always a quality pendant from Shelley Sullivan."

    I love this crescent moon pendant, it is just the right size. Each moon wrap is unique and well, since I can't make up my mind, I bought two - Moonstone and Labradorite with different creative wraps in each.

    - Holly on May 20, 2022

    (Copper Crescent Moonstone Moon)

  • "Absolutely gorgeous piece."

    I love the attention to detail and styling of the roots especially. This creator is a true artist! Even the packaging was lovely and quickly received!

    - civilheathen on Dec 17, 2021

    (Tiger Eye Tree of Life With Leaf Charm)

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