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Shangaan Amethyst in Copper

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Shangaan Amethyst is the trade name for this beautiful smokey amethyst mined by the Shangaan tribal people in Zimbabwe. 

My crystals have been purchased from who have explicit permission from Chief Gezani of the Gezani Communal Land to share these beautiful pieces with the world.
You can read more about Nharo’s relationship with the Shangaan tribes people on their website.

{These crystals were shared as part of an agreement: The elders of this region have asked that these crystals be shared to raise awareness about the communal lands in Zimbabwe and to encourage people to share their perspective on their medicine. The chief of this area has asked for these crystals to be worked with and for us to come into relationship with the medicine that they hold. Others who have worked with these crystals have spoken of their incredible feminine energy. Personally, my experience working with these so far has been about healing the feminine line – connecting with, owning it, reintegrating the wisdom of the feminine in your line, and being in relationship with your inner feminine. Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, believes these crystals are about untangling soul timelines, healing old patterns, and describes Shangaan Amethyst as evoking a feeling like ‘coming home.’ }

I have wrapped this beautiful piece in my fantasy inspired “Elwyn” style in bare copper wire. Elwyn means Friend of the elves in Old English.

I then added a patina to the wire and hand polished it to give it a rich antiqued look. 
I have added a lacquer to the copper to prevent further tarnish, this coating is not permanent and may wear off over time.  Further tarnish can easily be removed with a dry polishing cloth. A small polishing pad will be included with this piece.

This pendant measures 2.4 inches from base to bail and .9 inch at its widest width.

This pendant will come on a clasped black cord in a velvet pouch and gift boxed. 

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